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Welcome To Fallen Angels!
Dear Fallen Angels,
I have known for a while that I simply can not give enough time or effort to continue developing the guild. It is no easy task to manage a guild: leading dozens of raids, keeping the guild bank full, giving dkps, dealing with everyone’s problems and quarrels, figuring out a vision for the guild, and much more. I managed to do this and gave the guild my heart and soul for a long time. I no longer can, and in the past few months I have dialed back a bit as I tried to figure out if I could do only some tasks or if I could keep GM and progress in other aspects of life. The final answer was no, I could not stay GM as I advanced jobs.
I have learned a lot about myself leading this guild. Moreover, I also learned much about many of you. I have many friends here that I trust, and have opened up to many of you. I hope these friendships last for many years. I am not going far, I’ll still raid and pvp a bit, but I I am done leading the guild. Like always, any questions, advice, suggestions, and especially answers will be gladly appreciated.
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